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Kelly O won't compromise on clothes

Kelly Osbourne thinks separating different sized clothing is "demoralising".

The 29-year-old star is set to launch her own range called Stories... By Kelly Osbourne on site HSN on September 25. She has struggled with her weight over the years, so wants to make her pieces available for women of all sizes.

"I won't compromise the brand in any way by putting it in a store where they're going to separate the sizes," she told "I don't ever want my customer to have to go to a big and tall section because they're over a size 12. It's demoralising."

When the lavender-haired beauty created the pieces, she and her team made sure they look good on all figures. If it didn't work on one of the frames, it was let go from the finished collection.

As well as catering to different sizes, Kelly hopes to attract different age groups.

"Everything in the collection is ageless, depending on how you style it. I could see everyone from a ten or 12-year-old to a 90-year-old in these pieces, and that's what I was really working hard to achieve. I didn't want to discriminate," she added.

To keep up the notion of telling a story through her designs, each collection will be named by chapter. This has got her eager to work ahead, but she is keeping her aims practical.

“My mission is not to be the number-one fashion designer in the world. I’m not trying to change or come up with anything that people haven’t already done. I’m just trying to make fashion fair and make good quality basics available to all women," she previously told WWD.

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