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Kelly O's evolving style

Kelly Osbourne insists she will "always" have a "quirky" style.

The 29-year-old star has sported an array of looks since being in the spotlight from a young age, from grunge to cute and chic.

However Kelly now feels she has finally found her true style, despite some reminders of her youth.

“I’m becoming more classic, even though people will think that’s ridiculous because I have purple hair. I’ll always be quirky, but I’m not so much of a tomboy anymore,” she smiled to British magazine You.

“I’ve got a piano on my arm and I don’t even know how to play. In all honesty, I’m getting rid of the ones I got just to p*** off my parents.”

Kelly is set to launch her own plus-size clothing line later this year after dramatically trimming down over the years.

She is determined to make the range the best she can, crediting her mother Sharon Osbourne for teaching her to be thorough.

“If I really didn’t want to work again I wouldn’t have to, but I will never be that person. If I’m not doing something creative and productive I go insane. I like to get my hands dirty. I think I get that from my mom; I will always be a workaholic,” Kelly added.

“Any business venture I decide to take on, I thoroughly educate myself and I do my research. I visit the factories and learn about the manufacturers. I love my new clothing line, which will go from a US size 0 to 24 [UK 4 to 28]. If it doesn’t look good on everyone, then the design does not go through. And I’m using good-quality factories, no sweat shops.”

It seems even Kelly’s dad, rocker Ozzy Osbourne, approves of her fashion sense. She previously revealed he loved one of her outfits so much, he wanted to replicate it himself.

“I’m always in crop tops. I love them. In fact, the funniest tweet I’ve ever received was from my father after I posted a pic of myself wearing a crop top,” she previously told People. “He said, ‘I love that shirt! Can you get me that shirt?’ and I was like ‘No, Dad! It’s a crop top!’”

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