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Kelly O's junk-free diet

Kelly Osbourne is reportedly planning to lose weight within the next "six weeks".

The 29-year-old star's figure is noticeably larger since she split from her fiancé Matthew Mosshart at the beginning of the year. In a bid to get her slender figure back, it is thought Kelly has removed calorific treats from her cupboards.

"Kelly's been feeling very low since the split and is an emotional eater. When she's upset, she indulges in takeaways, sweets, ice cream and chocolate," a source told British magazine Closer.

"She's cleared out all the junk food from her house and is exercising every day for at least an hour - she runs on the treadmill and does weights, Pilates and yoga. She is hoping to lose a stone [14lb] in six weeks."

Kelly stands at a petite 5ft 3in. She shed an impressive amount of weight after appearing on US show Dancing with the Stars in 2009 and it is thought her former boyfriend also helped keep her in shape.

"Matthew's a vegan chef, so when she was with him her diet was very healthy - but that has changed since the split and she's put on a stone, going up to 10st [14lb]," the source added.

Rumours recently surfaced that the violet-haired star had put herself through food rehab, thought to consist of a juice diet. However, Kelly was quick to laugh off the reports and took to her Twitter account to share her opinion.

"whom ever started the rumor that I'm in "fat rehab" what exactly is "fat rehab" is it a 12 step program if so what might they be? #SoFunny! (sic)," Kelly posted to her 3.65 million followers.

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