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Kelly Osbourne: Buy fashion knockoffs

Kelly Osbourne advises budding fashionistas to "go get the knockoffs".

The TV personality is famed for her ever-quirky style choices, but insists you don't have to have to spend a fortune on designer items to stand out from the crowd.

Kelly believes it's best to save money on everyday pieces and splurge on the more staple wardrobe items.

"You don't have to be rich to look good," she told People.

"Go get the knockoffs. Save your money to get a nice bag and a nice pair of shoes. Nobody knows that you're not wearing what it is meant to look like. That's what I do. Most of the stuff I wear is really not that expensive unless it was given to me."

Kelly has a penchant for Vivienne Westwood corseted dresses. The 27-year-old star knows how to flaunt her best assets in them.

"[I wear corseted dresses] because I've got a small waist and it really shows that part," she revealed. "It makes me feel skinnier than I really am, so I like it!"

Kelly describes herself as "the girliest tomboy you'll ever meet," as she loves both casual attire and show stopping red carpet gowns.

The stunning star enjoys mixing up her wardrobe with super glamorous ensembles.

"As soon as I'm in that gown, I don't know how to walk or sit properly," she joked. "But I feel beautiful!"

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