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Kelly Osbourne loves freebies

Kelly Osbourne will never get bored of the "rush" of getting free clothes.

The TV star dropped a lot of weight after appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Since becoming thinner designers have been queuing up to dress her, which she loves.

"Now it's easier because I get sent all these amazing clothes by designers I love, like J Mendal - and that's one rush I'll never tire of," she told the December edition of UK Glamour magazine. "That said, I still love my [supermarket] Asda jeans. If there's one fashion tip I'd give, it's that if you have good accessories, all the rest can be from [cheap UK store] Primark and nobody will ever know. But you know people are funny, they keep asking me whether it annoys me that I'm getting all this attention now just because I'm thin, and I'll say no: it's everything that came with being thin that I wanted."

The star thinks fashion is a great way to do something for charity too.

Female celebrities might only wear an outfit once as they will be photographed in it, so Kelly has urged them to donate designer pieces to benefit others.

However, she has harsh words for those who aren't so philanthropic.

"[I hate it when female celebrities] auction off their clothing and keep the money to buy more clothes for themselves," she fumed. "If I do that, the money goes to homeless charities."

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