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Kelly Osbourne: Rivers’ closet is amazing

Kelly Osbourne has described the treasures that lie in Joan Rivers' closet as being "like a museum" full of relics.

The 28-year-old TV presenter co-hosts the legendary E! Channel Fashion Police series with the controversial 79-year-old comedienne.

Kelly revealed the extent of the treasures in Joan's wardrobe, which she keeps well hidden from prying eyes.

"Joan’s closet is the most amazing thing in the entire world. You go into her house and look at a wall and think, 'Oh, this is just a wall'. And then she’ll tap a button and it opens up and it’s her closet and you’re like ‘Ahhhhhhh.’ She has the most amazing stuff," Kelly gushed to Lucky magazine. "It’s like a museum."

The daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne shared her favourite designer label. Kelly is so obsessed with Chanel that she regards the items she owns as prized artworks.

"I am a Chanel w***e. Today I’m wearing Karl Lagerfeld, so technically it’s not Chanel, but it’s still there," she gushed."Someone asked me recently, 'What do you collect?’ And I said, ‘Nothing.’ And she said, ‘Really?’ And I looked around my room and I realised that some people collect art and photos and I collect Chanel handbags. I hang them on my wall… It makes me happy to look at it."

On Fashion Police Kelly provides sometimes critical comments on what the stars have been wearing. Kelly has famously shed the pounds over recent years and believes everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their skin. She revealed her memories of being larger and struggling to find designer clothes for the red carpet.

"Earlier on, there were designers who, when I asked to borrow their clothes, would say, ‘She’s not really on brand.’ And that’s code for, ‘She’s too fat and won’t fit our sample sizes.’ But there have been designers that have always been there for me and I really stick by them," she confessed. "Now, I won’t wear those other designers."

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