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Kelly Osbourne: Rivers is my mentor

Kelly Osbourne wouldn't leave Fashion Police as she feels like Joan Rivers' "apprentice".

The TV personality fuelled speculation she is set to leave the popular E! show that sees the panel commenting on celebrity fashions.

Kelly - who co-stars alongside outspoken Joan on the series - took to her Twitter page to muse about her current job situation.

"Sometimes U have 2 end work relationships 2 further UR career & let me just tell U it hurts more then i can say! Im 2 loyal for my own good! (sic)" she wrote, before the post fuelled rumours that the star was set to leave Fashion Police.

Kelly was quick to point out that the tweet was not in reference to the TV program.

"NO I AM NOT LEAVING @e_fashionpolice! i could never do that to @Joan_Rivers! i feel like her apprentice she teaches me so much!" she said, before reiterating: "NO I AM NOT LEAVING @E_fashionpolice!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MY JOB & @JOAN_RIVERS TO MUCH! (sic)" she said.

Kelly's "vague" post angered one Twitter follower, who urged the star to refrain from posting misleading information if she isn't willing to elaborate.

"IF U DON'T WANT COMMENT ABOUT IT STOP BEING SO VAGUE!!!" she exclaimed, before Kelly retorted: "@E_fashionpolice is not my only job i work with many people its not my fault you assumed! (sic)"


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