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Kelly Osbourne thankful for ‘amazing’ outfits

Kelly Osbourne says just because she gets to wear "some amazing things" doesn't mean she always chooses to.

The Fashion Police presenter denied that starring on the clothing critique show had made her more conscious of her own looks.

Kelly still sports the same off duty attire she did before landing the spot on the E! TV show, although she thinks her red carpet wardrobe has definitely improved.

"I just go for what I would normally wear like when I go out to get my groceries I'm in sweatpants and no make-up, when I'm not at work I'm not at work," she told Australian radio presenters Kyle and Jackie O. "I do get to wear some amazing things!"

The star is known for her love of weird and wonderful hair colours. Her locks are currently dyed an unusual grey/purple tinged hue, which she accepts is not to most people's tastes.

"I mean look at my hair, I love it but it's not exactly what you would call normal. People think it's a dig but when they tell me I look like Dame Edna I'm like, 'Yes, that's what I was going for!'" she laughed.

Facial hair is another area where Kelly has a strong personal preference. This is a feature she admires in men, although this doesn't extend to members of her own family, such as her brother Jack.

"I do like moustaches and grizzly bears," she explained. "My brother and everyone I know have a competition on who can grow the longest beard and I'm like, 'Jack you have to get rid of that'."

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