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Kelly Rowland: Exercise is good for the mind

Kelly Rowland works out to "free her mind".

The former Destiny's Child singer is famed for her slim physique, but it's the result of a lot of effort. She enjoys regular work outs and now finds they are the perfect way to rid herself of the day's stress.

"Yoga and the gym. I go every other day but if I'm tired and don't feel like going I don't," she told Look magazine. "Working out makes me really happy and also frees my mind. That's why I love it."

Kelly also makes sure she eats the right kinds of food. She does allow herself sweet treats when she feels the urge but generally tries to limit the amount of junk she feasts on.

"I believe in a healthy lifestyle of eating. My trainer taught me the 80/20 rule, were 80 per cent of the time you are eating healthily, that's green, fish sweet potatoes," she explained. "Then for 20 per cent of the time you have what you like."

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