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Kelly Rowland: Gran is fashion icon

Kelly Rowland's grandmother taught her to always feel fabulous in the clothes she wears.

The singer is well known for her sassy style choices, and often wears outfits that complement her enviable figure.

While serving as a judge on both the UK and US versions of The X Factor, her clothes garnered a lot of attention and she was quickly hailed a style queen. But Kelly says it's thanks to her grandma Ella Mae that she feels so confident in her choices. It was she who taught 33-year-old Kelly to give herself a pep talk in the mirror before going out.

"I always heard my Gran Gran say she looked fabulous! She would put something on and just go,” Kelly revealed to People magazine. “It doesn’t matter where I am; I just have to feel good.”

Her mom and godmother also helped to fuel the singer's love of fashion.

“[My mom taught me]: Wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you," she revealed. Her godmother advised to never sleep in make-up.

Glee star Naya Rivera also opened up on the pearls of wisdom her mother Yolanda shared with her.

When it came to the subject of men and dating, Yolanda instilled in her daughter the confidence to be on your own, and taught her about inner strength.

"You should know you should always be your own woman, have your own career. No one you date or marry can define who you are: your own woman," Naya divulged.

But when it came to beauty tips, it's actually the 27-year-old actress who dictates the rules.

“My mom has never used a moisturiser or fancy face wash – she has really great skin though! I’m actually the one that will give her beauty tips!" she laughed.

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