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Kelly Rowland: I'm not sexy

Kelly Rowland hates her stretch marks.

The gorgeous singer is known for her statuesque figure but admitted that she has insecurities like most women.

The 30-year-old star explained that despite her amazing physique and stunning looks, she doesn't see herself as a sex symbol.

"Not really," she laughed to the UK edition of Hello! magazine when asked if she considers herself a beauty.

"What do I hate about my body? The stretch marks that come from getting older."

Kelly is known to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise regime. The former Destiny's Child singer insisted that she won't let it all go if she ever retires from showbusiness.

The R&B diva explained that a healthy diet is a way of life for her, but admitted she allows herself the occasional treat.

"I like to feel good about myself and know what I'm putting into my body. It's not about putting on pounds, it's about being healthy. Food isn't meant to make you feel lethargic, it's about nutrition, but you do have your cheat days," she said.

"I love sugar and I love fried food but I try and leave it alone most of the time. I also love a nice glass of red wine."

Kelly also revealed the number one item on her tour rider. The Down For Whatever star said she prefers a certain type of water favoured by many A-Listers.

She added that for spiritual wellbeing, she reads the holy book.

"The only thing I ask for is Fiji Water," she said. "When I'm on tour the only thing I can't be without is my bible."

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