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Kelly Rowland reveals diet cravings

Kelly Rowland "craves" bacon and sugar a lot of the time.

The stunning star works out hard, which means she allows herself some treats at times. Her trainer encourages her to eat healthy 80 per cent of the time and then eat what she likes for the other 20 per cent.

It's something which works well for Kelly as she can't imagine denying herself her favourite foods all the time.

"I crave bacon and sugar and anything that has a cream sauce to it," she explained. "Any anything that's a heavy carb, like pasta but I save my 20 [per cent] days for the weekend."

Kelly works out regularly and doesn't find it an effort. She likes feeling toned and strong and finds her trainer Jeanette Jenkins inspiring.

"We do intervals of incline and speed [on the treadmill]," Kelly told Juicy magazine. "She'll have me jog for three minutes on a flat surface, but the speed is high. Then she'll slow it down to put me on a high incline to walk with weights. I'm sweating buckets and burning calories."

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