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Kelly Rowland's fond food memories

Kelly Rowland’s earliest memories are all to do with food.

The former Destiny’s Child star was born in the US city and spent her childhood up until the age of eight there. She can vividly recall food being of the utmost importance during that time, which is still the case when she goes for a visit.

“All my memories of where I was born involve food. My oldest memories are of sitting eating muscadine grapes with my grandma – we ate a lot,” she laughed to British magazine Stylist. “It’s the south – the people are warm and big on getting together and we all like to eat! There is absolutely no skimming on workouts if I’m going there to visit family.”

Kelly mother Doris got a new job when she was eight, which involved relocating to Houston. Much as the star didn’t want to leave Atlanta she loved Houston, which is where she and Beyoncé Knowles formed Destiny’s Child.

While the setting for her teenage years was different, some things didn’t really change for Kelly. Food was still at the centre of her life and is wound up in many of her memories.

“Houston is a great place for a teenager. You can’t beat shopping at The Galleria and there’s this great place to eat barbecue food called Goode Company on Kirby Drive,” she said. “Houston also has the best Mexican food; one of my favourite places is Lupe Tortilla. I used to go there with a load of friends and we’d sit there all night just talking. We’d look up and the time would have completely passed. I’d fly to Houston now just to have some of their fajitas.”

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