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Kendall Jenner reveals cool clothing trick

Kendall Jenner has revealed her super easy style trick for an instant on-trend look.

Kendall Jenner instantly feels cool when she's wearing black.

The reality-star-and-model turns the sidewalk into her catwalk whenever she's out and about, inspiring fans with her stylish fashion choices. Generally she likes to keep it simple and has an easy go-to trick when she needs to inject some sass.

"Normally you’ll find me in jeans and a tee with cool sneakers or boots," she revealed to "All black is always super easy and makes you look cool."

Kendall, 19, wears her favourite colour on the cover of Vogue Paris, which she graces for the October issue. Following in the footsteps of supermodels like Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen is a huge honour for the star.

"Seeing myself on the cover of Vogue Paris still doesn’t seem real," she marvelled. "It’s such an honour and a dream come true!

"Vogue Paris has such an amazing history of iconic covers and stories, and issues that you want to collect. That to me feels more like a global magazine, than one published just for those in France."

She was shot by legendary photographer David Sims and thoroughly enjoyed her experience, praising his way of working: "David is awesome!" she gushed. "He's so focused. We have such a good vibe on set and our synchronicity is so on point, we both know when we’ve got the shot."

Of course her line of work means Kendall needs to keep an eye on her figure. She's let fans into her secret, saying the key to success is working out as much as possible and avoiding pasta, admitting the latter is a "struggle".

"I wash my face morning and night and try to drink a lot of water," she added of her simple beauty routine.

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