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Kermit: Pond scum is beauty must

Kermit the Frog says "pond scum" helps to maintain his "good quality" green skin.

With a career in showbiz spanning over five decades, the Muppets stars have learned how to always look their very best.

Kermit has revealed how he keeps his green complexion luminous and fresh and named his number one organic skincare product.

"Being an amphibian, I find it's nice to stay moist. Ladies are very attracted to good quality skin - green skin," he told UK publication Esquire.

"Pond scum works. It may not sound so appealing, but it exfoliates the skin, opens up the pores and makes you green."

Miss Piggy - famed for her diva-like personality - has also talked about her fashion choices.

The blonde bombshell insists she only ever considers herself when getting dressed.

She also revealed that her love interest Kermit hasn't got a lot of style kudos because he prefers to be naked.

"I always dress for moiself. I mean, why dress for others? What if you don't all wear the same size? It makes no sense," she told Style magazine.

"As for Kermie: I love the frog, but what does he know about fashion? Most of the time he walks around naked. Not that there's anything wrong with that."

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