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Kerry Washington: Feminine fashion can be strong

Kerry Washington doesn't think women should be seen as weak if they wear a dress or skirt to work.

The 38-year-old actress plays feisty Olivia Pope in political drama Scandal, and her character has become just as known for her costumes as her authoritative nature.

Kerry hopes women will take note of her alter ego when it comes to dressing to impress.

"For such a long time, women at work were trying to dress like men," she sighed to British magazine InStyle. "But with Olivia, we wanted to embrace the idea that you could be the most powerful person in the room and not abandon your gender. You can keep a waist, have a peplum, be feminine and yet not be thought of as weak."

However, Kerry does urge females to be "put together well" to convey a sense of control in the workplace. She believes the neatness of an outfit communicates how much respect a person commands on a "subliminal level".

Footwear is the place to begin according to Kerry, as she explains how she gets into Olivia's shoes.

"I come to work in flats all the time, but I can't rehearse in them," she added. "Even if I'm in sweatpants and a tank top I have to have Olivia's heels on so that I know how she stands, walks and holds herself. Heels are a part of her armour."

A good tailor is important too as the star recommends having a professional tend to pieces helps them fit better and make more of a statement.

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