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Kerry Washington works well with stylist

Kerry Washington works closely with her stylist Erin Walsh to create the perfect A-list look.

The Scandal actress has worked closely with stylist Erin for some time, and together the pair's efforts have often seen Kerry top lists of the world's best dressed women.

Far from taking all the glory, Erin says that 37-year-old Kerry is just as responsible as she is when it comes to creating the perfect look.

"We are a team! Period," Erin smiled to

Erin fell into styling accidentally, after first training to become an actress. When that didn't work out she landed a job in the fashion department at Vogue, with plans to move across to features. But she fell in love with styling and her A-list career began.

As well as Kerry, Erin counts the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Wiig and Maggie Gyllenhaal as clients.

Last year Kerry spoke about her decision to overhaul her look, admitting she felt like there were certain actresses who had the upper hand career wise because they knew how to work the red carpet.

Erin agrees with the sentiment, adding that since the introduction of social media style is now more important than ever.

"You would have to ask Kerry for her opinion, but I do think that social media and the media in general have gotten completely insane. By being in the spotlight, you’re a part of [the insanity] anyways, so it certainly behooves you to manage the way you are seen," she explained.

"It gives you a certain degree of control in an arena that can be really overwhelming. Everyone has an opinion. It helps to do what you can to keep the reins in your own hands."

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