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Kerry Washington’s hairstylist: Olivia Pope’s looks make me cry!

Scandal actress Kerry Washington’s hairstylist has revealed her dream hairdo for the stunning star would be a “cute” pixie cut.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Kerry Washington’s hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew has joked she becomes “sad” when Scandal is shooting because of the dramatically different hairdos.

The 38-year-old Emmy-nominated actress portrays famous character Olivia Pope, a political crisis manager, in the TV series.

Olivia’s hair is far more formal than Kerry’s normal looks and Takisha prefers a little more fun when it comes to hairstyles.

"I love the highlights on Kerry. I get sad when Scandal's coming back, because Kerry comes to me and says, 'Okay, Takisha, we have to tone it down!'" Takisha laughed to Us Weekly magazine. "But I love the light in her hair, you know? It makes her look younger, more fresh."

If Takisha could do any cut she wanted on Kerry, the actress would not be sporting long locks.

The beauty professional is convinced her client would look better without all that hair.

"Short! I would love to do a pixie cut on her,” Takisha gushed. “With her eyes, her nose, her face structure, it would be so good on her!”

The stylist also loves it when Kerry embraces a more natural hairstyle.

Even though Takisha isn’t a huge fan of Olivia Pope’s looks most of the time, she has to give Scandal credit for one of the character’s dos.

"I can't think of any Olivia Pope hairstyle that made me cringe, but I'll tell you what I loved: the natural curls on the beach. They were so gorgeous!" Takisha shared. "I know Olivia Pope is conservative, but I think you can still play with that a little bit. I'd love to see those curls come back!"

Altering her tresses so often can put a huge strain on Kerry’s locks.

But Takisha ensures her client doesn’t suffer any damage by cleansing well and moisturising frequently.

"Kerry uses product in her hair all week long, so I use Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo, and then the Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask. The shampoo cleanses the scalp, but it doesn't leave the hair feeling stringy. Just soft to the touch and healthy," she detailed.

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