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Khloé Kardashian loved 'disco' tresses

Khloé Kardashian's hairstylist gave her a "disco crazy" look for a party - but had no idea she was scheduled for a TV interview earlier in the day.

The reality star is best known for her long flowing brunette locks. However, celebrity hair guru Jen Atkin decided to try something different for a special event recently.

"Actually for my birthday party I did her hair in disco waves and she was doing something for Ryan Seacrest and I thought it was for radio but it was a whole interview situation," she laughed to Beauty High. "So they did this hour special or whatever and she’s got this big like disco crazy, curly hair. She loved it, she loved that hair, everyone loved that hair. It was for my like disco birthday party but she rocked it all day, it was amazing."

Jen also worked closely with Khloé during her time as a host on the X Factor US. The 28-year-old star rocked a super sleek look for the show and Jen opted for glamorous hairdos to complement Khloé's designer outfits.

"We did this really gorgeous one for one of the X-Factor episodes. She had on a white Tom Ford dress. It was the first time I really did that side-part brushed, really pretty vintage-y hair," she recalled. "That was my favourite because I think that was the first time she was really glam and I think for so long she was addicted to just really long hair and like those Kardashian waves but it’s fun to do different looks. That’s been my favourite."

Jen has worked with a host of stars including Jessica Alba and Sofía Vergara.

She has revealed which famous faces are most willing to experiment with their hairstyle.

"Hmm that’s super daring? I would say the girls who are really open to doing whatever would be Kaley Cuoco – she is one that’s always trying different looks, or Mindy Kaling is always cute about trying different looks, and Jess Alba’s the same, she’s always down for whatever," Jen explained.

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