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Khloé Kardashian talks family make-up wars

Khloé Kardashian admits arguments over make-up are common in her household.

The 29-year-old has launched a range of cosmetics called Kardashian Beauty with Kim and Kourtney.

Khloé says the famous reality TV sisters argue over all the products in their range.

"We always fight over who gets to try out the lab samples first! It's so exciting to use them and see what's coming up," Khloé told UK magazine Look.

The youngest of the telly trio says she has always had a passion for beauty. She shared how the line came about.

"We've always been lovers of beauty and fashion, and we have access to the best make-up, but get frustrated about spending $65 on foundation or $35 on mascara," she explained. "So we took the best of the best, tweaked them and made them affordable. We're all involved 100% but we each know what [each other's strengths are]. I mean, I don't wear false lashes so I let Kim and Kourtney steer that one. Kourtney also loves to perfect lip and nail colours. "

Khloé has been working out lots lately. She says the gym is the only place where she'll go make-up free.

"I go barefaced in the gym," she added. "I've seen people wear a full face of make-up and I just can't deal with that. My skin couldn't handle it."

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