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Khloé recalls kitsch kid style

Khloé Kardashian has joked about the outfits her mother Kris Jenner used to dress her in when she was little.

The reality TV star and her sisters Kim and Kourtney pride themselves on looking flawless at all times, and they've each developed their own style. While Kim is always polished, Kourtney rocks a more relaxed vibe and Khloé is a fan of bling.

When they were younger it wasn't always this way though, with their mother Kris Jenner usually dressing the trio in the same pieces.

"We literally look like presidents," she laughed to Australian radio station KIIS 1065 about some of their past looks. "Oh God! Back in the day I don't think we had a choice with what we were wearing. Now parents let kids dress themselves, which is great, but when I was younger I was forced to always dress like a triplet and my poor brother like a pilgrim. Like, it's so mean! He was wearing knee high socks, poor Rob."

Khloé and her sisters have created a childrenswear line, which she hopes will mean no kids need to suffer with bad fashion as she did.

They took inspiration from Kourtney's daughter Penelope, three, and Kim's two-year-old tot North. At the moment they are into ballet, so the collection is pretty feminine in the hope the duo will like wearing it.

"Penelope is so girly and she will not put on pants, she loves dresses. North is more like Kim, more simplistic and nothing fussy or frilly," Khloé explained, adding it's pretty easy for the little girls to look good.

"When you're getting sent Balmain jackets how can you look bad? I'm like where's my Balmain jacket?"

The star also touched on make-up, revealing that although she's helped make the contouring look famous she isn't very good at it. She loves getting "a make-up nose job every day", so recently started asking artists how to do the look the same.

"I'm just learning to do it myself and I've been getting my make-up done forever. But I never really pay attention and I'm just like, 'When I'm at home I don't do my nose contouring the same!' It's harder than you think," she laughed.

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