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Khloe Kardashian: Avoid surgery at young age

Khloé Kardashian despairs at girls who have surgery "too young".

The 27-year-old reality TV star has a refreshing attitude when it comes to embracing her natural beauty. Khloé doesn't understand the obsession women have with changing their looks - especially when they resort to having cosmetic surgery when they're barely old enough.

"Right now I haven't, but I'm not against plastic surgery. I just haven't had a desire to do anything yet. I definitely see people who have gone too far, or who started too young," she shared with British magazine more!

"When I was in high school, girls were getting their noses done all the time. People would ask me if I was going to and I thought, 'My face hasn't even formed completely yet!'"

Khloé is married to sports star Lamar Odom. The brunette star - who has made no secret of her body issues in the past - says her beau makes her feel body confident.

"I'm lucky - I have a wonderful husband who tells me I'm beautiful all the time," she smiled.

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