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Khloe Kardashian: J-Lo is flawless

Khloé Kardashian has jokingly pleaded with Jennifer Lopez to stop being so "flawless".

The reality TV star tuned in to watch the songstress on the final of hit TV talent show American Idol last night. The 42-year-old star donned a cleavage enhancing crop top and figure hugging trousers for a performance on the show, which showed off her famous curves to perfection.

Khloé light-heartedly appealed to Jennifer to stop being so perfect.

"Dear Jennifer Lopez, if you get any more flawless.... Well I don't have an ending to my thought because at the same time I love it! LOL (sic)" she wrote on her Twitter page.

One of her followers then responded with: "is it just me or is she getting more beautiful with age?" to which Khloé replied: "no its not just you! Ugh how does she do it? LOL more power to her!!! (sic)."

Khloé also used the social networking site to ask her fans for fitness advice. The brunette star then responded to the various ideas.

"If you had a favorite workout, what would it be??? running, zumba, pilates, stairs??? I love switching it up... give me ideas (sic)," she wrote, before garnering a number of replies, including hula hooping and "piloxing".

"really? That's a fun way to workout. I will try it! Thank you (sic)" she replied to one user's post about hula hooping 20 minutes one way and 20 minutes the other.

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