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Khloé's 'butt annoying Kim'

Khloé Kardashian's new curvy bottom is said to be aggravating her sister Kim.

The 29-year-old star has been flaunting her curves and pert derrière at numerous events and on her Instagram account recently. Many people have been complimenting Khloé on her new-found confidence, but big sister Kim is said to be frustrated that the attention isn't on her.

She gave birth to hers and Kanye West's daughter North last year and worked hard getting back into shape, especially for her nuptials last month.

"Kim feels like Khloé's trying to steal her thunder. She's even said her sister is dressing like her and choosing similar men by going after rappers.

"Kim's annoyed. She's used to being the most popular of her siblings and feels her crown might be slipping," a source told British magazine Closer.

Khloé, who is currently dating musician French Montana, is said to be denying her sibling's claims. She is also defending her round bottom, which those close to her think could've been altered by means other than natural ones.

"Khloé says it's ridiculous. She's insisting to pals her bum is the result of hitting the gym, but they wonder if she's turned to fillers," the insider added.

It's been reported that in a bid to retain her shapely figure, Kim has resorted to installing a "booty room" in her new house, where she can spend time working on her bum.

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