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Kim K: Surprising contouring confession

Kim Kardashian won't wax lyrical about contouring during her upcoming make-up tutorial.

The reality TV queen is a massive fan of the bronzing technique, which allows people to sculpt their face by utilising shadows. Later this month Kim and her long-term make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic are holding a class to show how they can get her iconic look, but attendees will get some surprising news when it comes to chiselling their cheekbones.

"Yes [we'll teach about contouring]! But we'll focus more on when it's all appropriate and when it's not," Mario insisted to, who was then quizzed on the trend for using shimmer to bring out features.

"The whole strobing thing doesn't bother me at all. It's simply highlighting, and just like contouring, it's been around forever. I'll be teaching some of that too!"

Mario has worked with Kim for the last eight years and calls her his muse. Those wanting to learn all about the star's famous smoky looks will need to stump up $300, which will buy them the inside track on the star's "coveted beauty secrets" on July 25 in Los Angeles.

Kim isn't just going to be modelling on the day either. She took make-up classes herself as a teenager, so will be imparting some of her wisdom too.

"Kim will be explaining why she prefers certain techniques and products over others, what works best with different lighting, and what kind of looks work for different situations," Mario explained. "Having Kim as my model is valuable to the students because they are not only learning from the artist, but also from the client's perspective - in this case, a very famous celebrity. She'll be talking about what clients look for in an artist and what is important to her when working with a make-up artist."

The two have more than a client relationship, with Kim trusting Mario implicitly. So much so, that Kim regularly doesn't even bother checking her reflection after he's been at work because she knows she'll love the finished look.

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