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Kim K 'using wedding dress as diet motivation'

Kim Kardashian is reportedly taking steps to ensure she doesn't put on weight now she's married.

The reality TV queen married hip-hop star Kanye West at the end of May in Florence, wearing a custom-created Givenchy couture gown. It was lacy and form-fitting, with Kim apparently determined to remain the size she was when she tied the knot.

"Kim's... plastered 'fat pics' all over her kitchen to stop her binge-eating. So, whenever she goes for the bread and butter - a current fave - she's met with unflattering pap shots," an insider told British magazine Heat. "She also keeps trying on her wedding dress, which is now 'very snug'. She says it motivates her."

Kim has reportedly gained a few pounds since her big day, likely because she's relaxed her diet a little. The publication claims Kanye has noticed this, telling her that if she is worried about it she should put an action plan in place to ditch the weight.

The TV star has reportedly done just that, resulting in her taking extreme steps to ensure she always looks her best.

"She's going to bed in an eye-wateringly tight corset to shrink her waist. It makes sleep pretty much impossible, but Kim says it's worth it," the source claimed. "She visits the gym twice a day and is focusing on her arms and stomach. That means 100 tricep dips, 100 bicep curls and 200 stomach crunches. She wants to lose 10lbs by the end of the summer - no matter the cost."

Kim and Kanye welcomed their daughter North into the world last June and the pregnancy wasn't easy on Kim. She gained weight and was constantly criticised for her changing body, something which affected her confidence.

"[I thought] only my belly would get big. And it has just been so not that way for me," she previously said. "But sometimes, you just have to take life for what it is and enjoy the ride."

The star used the Atkins diet to ditch the pregnancy pounds and has been revelling in her toned new look, repeatedly saying on her show Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she wants to be a sexy mom.

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