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Kim Kardashian 'exercises to tone butt'

Kim Kardashian invested in a personal trainer to achieve a "more toned butt".

The reality TV star is famed for her fabulous curves, but she hasn't always been so confident about her womanly figure.

Kim's personal trainer Jen Galardi works hard with the beauty in order to maintain a toned, yet natural-looking, frame.

Jen says Kim knew her goals before she started her exercise plan.

"Before we met, Kim wasn't that keen on exercise and didn't really work out at all. She's proud of her curves, but wanted her butt to be more toned," Jen told more! magazine.

"Lunges are a great to work your lower half. Put one leg to the side, about 3ft from the other leg, then lean forward, keeping your torso upright."

Kim has an taut figure that is the envy of women the world over. However, the raven-haired beauty has her problem areas, which she combats with specific exercises.

"Kim doesn't like her arms, so we added [tricep dips into her routine] because they are great for toning your entire upper body," she explained.

"Sit on the floor with your legs out in front and put your hands on a low step behind you. Bend your elbows and push your bum off the floor slowly, keeping your abs tense and your knees slightly bent."

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