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Kim Kardashian: Life experiences influence my scents

Kim Kardashian can remember "where I was in life" when she created each of her fragrances.

The reality TV star is currently promoting fifth scent Glam from her successful perfume range, and has revealed her mood at the time of creation affected the unique composition of each fragrance.

Celebrating the launch of Glam, the model revealed it marks the transformation into a more confident Kim.

"I can tell where I was in life when I made each perfume. Every fragrance means something different to me," she told People magazine. "My personality and my mood were light and fun - and I can see that [in Glam]. It's a little bit more electric [than the others]. It's the most energetic."

The socialite revealed she started work on the scent just before she began filming series seven of US hit show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Presumably, this period of time was influenced by her separation from estranged husband Kris Humphries - and perhaps a budding romance with new beau Kanye West.

Kim certainly sounded like she was in a happy place when she came up with the design for the bottle.

"We made it a brighter pink because I wanted it to be a little loud...It's the pop of colour in my fragrances."

She added that, in contrast, her previous scent True Reflection was marked by a different vibe.

The 32-year-old hinted that the heavier aroma could have been inspired by her short-lived love affair with Kris.

"I know where I was when I made that. It was quiet and a little sad," she said. "Glam, though, was me waking up."

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