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Kim Kardashian: No excuse for body odour

Kim Kardashian has joked she creates fragrances to help with body odour "issues".

The reality TV star is currently promoting her new perfume True Reflection. Kim has a growing fragrance collection, and has joked about her reasons for producing scents.

"There is no need for [body odour]. I want to help out a little bit," she quipped in an interview with BBC Radio One. "No excuse, so that's why I love to make fragrance to help with those issues."

Kim explained the process she goes through when deciding on what notes to include in her perfumes. The 31-year-old beauty likes to conjure up ideas from things that surround her in everyday life.

"I love when you walk in the house and there's chocolate chip cookies cooking and it gives you inspiration for something," she said. "Every fragrance has a different memory and time period. So this one is definitely sweet but it's really mysterious because you can't figure out what else is in it."

Kim took to her Twitter page recently to marvel at the array of garments she has cleared out of her wardrobe. "Cleaning out my closet! This is just the start! Get ready EBay charity auctions!!! (sic)" she wrote with an accompanying picture showing a pile of black bin bags bursting with unwanted items.

The star has laughed about the array of clothes she never wears.

"I cleaned a lot out this time. That was just a third of the bags I'm getting rid of. I give a percentage to my church, I donate some of the proceeds to that. There's no point in keeping them in my closet if I'm not going to wear them," she chimed.

"It's crazy that none of my sisters are my shoe size. After going through my closet I had a couple of hundred and I now only have 50 left. It was actually very therapeutic. It's time to be more simple."

Kim is famed for her lusciously long brunette mane. The star is nervous about changing up her signature beauty look.

"I like being dark. I would [change colour] for like a couple of days but I don't think I could handle it. Maybe a deep dark purple or a bright pink. I don't think I have the balls to do that!" she giggled.

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