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Kim Kardashian: Pale nails are best

Kim Kardashian says the key to strong hair is not washing it every day.

The 34-year-old's naturally golden skin tone means she can get away with wearing fairly pale shades, often rocking outfits made up of light tones. She uses the same approach when it comes to her fingertips and favours a subtle finish.

"I always had really short square nails. I tried to do the acrylic thing, but they just weren't for me, so I tried to grow them longer..." she explained to British magazine Look.

"Now I have them long and oval, and I love a nude shade for the colder months. I like it when you wear quite a few layers, so it's almost winter white-ish. I also love a colour by Essie called Wicked, which is a vampy red or, for holidays, I like a coral or hot pink."

Her hair is also important for Kim when it comes to looking her best. She follows a relatively simple hair care regime which is easy for others to replicate when tending to their own tresses.

"I love putting coconut oil all over my hair, then whipping it into a bun and sleeping with it in - it's such a great treatment," she gushed.

"I also try not to wash it every day. I think that's the key. If I'm getting my hair done for four days, I start with a clean blow-out, then I put it in messy beach waves. If it's still good, I'll do the same for the next day, and for the last, I'll slick it into a ponytail."

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