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Kim Kardashian talks 'simple' style

Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West share a "simple" approach to fashion.

The reality TV star claims they often end up wearing seemingly colour-coordinated outfits because their respective wardrobes contain a similar palette.

The curvy brunette has admitted in the past that she has overhauled her style to appear less "ghetto" since she started dating the fashion-conscious rapper.

"I had gone to a fitting and I knew I was wearing that dress and so I put it with something black and simple," the brunette beauty told British magazine Grazia of the dramatic black and white gown she wore to Stephane Rolland's couture show in July. "[Kanye and I] are pretty simple [when it comes to fashion] though, so it's not really hard to match. Colour-wise, I think we just wear such simple colours now that it's pretty easy to match."

Kim also rated the outfit choices of style icon Victoria Beckham and edgy dresser Rita Ora.

Having just launched a range of clothing in the UK, the 32-year-old complimented singer-turned- designer Victoria's clean lines and elegant colour palette.

"She is really simple and sophisticated," Kim said.

Examining a picture of Rita, who is cdating Kim's brother Rob Kardashian, she praised the singer's individuality.

"I love her style. I was wearing those boots yesterday. She is so cute. She has really individual style like she just puts something together her own way," Kim gushed.

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