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Kim Kardashian's hair dilemma

Kim Kardashian doesn't know whether to dye her hair light again after going brunette.

The 33-year-old beauty unveiled her new chocolate-brown coloured locks when she stepped out on Saturday.

While Kim has naturally dark hair, it seems she was quick to regret her change in appearance. Yesterday she took to her Mobio INsider website to ask fans for their advice and opinions on what she should do next.

"I'm so annoyed I dyed my hair dark! I wanted to switch it up since I feel everyone went light, and we started filming a new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashian, so wanted a fresh look. (sic)" she complained. "BUT now I am missing my light hair! HELP!!! What do I do? Go light again or stay dark and get used to it?"

It was last September when Kim went for a drastic change and had her hair dyed blonde. Hairstylist George Papanikolas, who did the treatment for her, revealed at the time the reality star was influenced by those around her to look different.

"I think she wanted to go blonde this time because she wanted a big change," he told Us Weekly. "It was Kim's idea to go blonde, but everyone around her had some influence - including myself."

Kim's hair dilemma isn't the only reason why she is currently in the fashion spotlight. Blog Jezebel claimed she was in the midst of a Vogue cover photoshoot on Sunday, telling readers "They're in LA shooting her RIGHT NOW (sic)".

However, an insider close to the mom-of-one insisted to Us Weekly the rumours are "not true".

"Of course Kim would love to be on the cover of Vogue someday," another source added.

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