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Kim Kardashian's trainer: Change snacking habits

Kim Kardashian has been told to "substitute" unhealthy foods for more nutritious snacks.

Jen Galardi - who is the woman behind Kim's enviable toned physique - has been advising the beauty on a healthy diet and fitness plan.

Jen explained that finding healthy replacements for naughty foods is better than just cutting them out. The fitness pro said you can still enjoy some of your favourite treats, albeit a healthier version.

"As I told Kim, it's all about substituting as opposed to cutting things out. Switch fizzy drinks to water, and white bread for whole meal wraps. Small changes will make a big difference," she explained in an interview with British magazine more!

Jen also advised people to be careful of snacking as a bad habit.

The personal trainer pointed out that a lot of food is consumed as a distractive measure.

"Late-night snacks are often due to boredom rather than hunger. Find something else to keep your mind occupied," she explained.

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