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Kim 'tells Kylie to class it up'

Kim Kardashian is reportedly hoping to tone down Kylie Jenner's sexy look.

The half-sisters have often been compared to each other, even posting sexy pictures in the same revealing black bikini.

But after countless pouting, revealing snaps on Instagram and a series of skimpy outfits at recent events, Kim, 34, is reportedly asking 18-year-old Kylie to tone things down a little.

"Kim is on a mission to get Kylie to turn her image around and class herself up," an insider revealed to British magazine new!. "Kim's fear is that Kylie is going to make some of the same mistakes she made early on."

Kim made a name for herself by showing off her curvy figure in tiny outfits and her sex tape with ex Ray J got even more people talking.

Since getting together with her husband Kanye West, Kim has tried to embrace high fashion and made friends with top designers like Riccardo Tisci. Apparently she's hoping Kylie will follow her lead.

"Kim lectured Kylie about the power of social media," the source continued. "She thinks Kylie should be trying to be more upscale and aspirational. She also told Kylie that she and her mom Kris have worked their butts off to rebuild the Jenner/Kardashian name. She appreciates that Kylie looks up to her, but Kim would like to see Kylie emulating her classier side."

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