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Kim ‘terrified of weight gain’

Kim Kardashian allegedly doesn't want to ruin her slimmed down body by getting pregnant again.

The reality TV star and Kanye West tied the knot last weekend, in a lavish ceremony in Florence, Italy with their baby daughter North in tow.

Since giving birth to the tot last June Kim has worked hard to get her body back to its pre-pregnancy curvaceous best, with friends saying she's frightened that all her efforts will be undone if she falls pregnant again. But Kanye is reportedly ready to add to their brood.

"She knows Kanye wants a large family as, being an only child, he's always craved a sibling.

He's been begging Kim for more children since Christmas and sees their honeymoon as the perfect opportunity to make another baby. But Kim is petrified of piling all the weight she's worked so hard to lose back on," a source told British magazine Now.

"Kim's admitted she didn't want to ruin the body she's worked so hard for. Kanye tries to understand but they both have very different ideas."

While pregnant with North, 33-year-old Kim's growing body was often the subject of nasty comments.

She's also spoken openly about how much she struggled with being pregnant, even joking it wasn't as easy as her older sister Kourtney made it out to be.

"Kim went through a really rough time both physically and emotionally when she was pregnant with North, especially because there was so much said about her weight," the insider continued.

"Having her body publically ridiculed sent Kim into a dark place and she repeatedly told friends and family that she didn't want to go through all that again for a while - if ever."

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