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Kimberly Wyatt: Dancing helped my body

Kimberly Wyatt's years as a dancer mean her muscles still have great elasticity.

The American star was part of girl group The Pussycat Dolls and she regularly showed off her enviable physique in skimpy stage costumes.

As well as demonstrating their vocal cords, the band were also synonymous with complex dance routines, with all five members showing off impressive dance skills.

The group broke up four years ago, but Kimberley cites her years as a trained dancer as the reason her body still looks so good.

"That foundation means that now I'm in my thirties, my muscles still have so much elasticity," Kimberley told the British edition of Women's Health magazine. "As you get older, that flexibility is so important so I've started doing lots of yoga; recently, I've been practising up to five times a week. But I'm not strict about what I do and like to mix it up."

Kimberley's slick moves helped land her a judging spot on dance talent shows both in the UK and US. On Got to Dance and Live to Dance the 32-year-old judged young hopefuls who were keen to express with their dance skills.

While she still loves to move, Kimberley also puts in time at the gym.

"At the gym with my trainer, Glenn [Ball] I'll do 30 minutes of cardio followed by 45 minutes of circuit training - push ups, weights, jump rope.

"My favourite body part? Shoulders and back. Ballet is brilliant for muscles in these areas, so when I see mine in the mirror, I'm like, 'Yeah, I worked my ass off my entire life for those,'" she laughed.

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