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Kim's 'dramatic' diet

Kim Kardashian’s following of the Atkins diet is said to be “too drastic” for her.

The reality star recently revealed she is following the low-carb diet after giving birth to hers and Kanye West’s first child, daughter North, in June.

Although the results have been noticeable, with Kim looking a lot trimmer already, the health expert warns it isn’t the best way to tackle weight loss after having a baby.

“The carb restriction that Atkins recommends is too dramatic for a new mom,” Angela told British magazine Star. “Carbs are the body’s preferred and most accessible form of energy and when you’re exhausted with a new baby, you definitely shouldn’t be restricting them. Plus, there’s no evidence that high protein Atkins-style plans help people lose more weight long-term.”

Fellow nutritionist Elouise Bauskis has also warned about the effects this diet could have on North if Kim is breastfeeding. She advises the 33-year-old star to rethink her methods sooner rather than later.

“This [diet] is not recommended for women who’ve just given birth, let alone a woman who’s breastfeeding!” she exclaimed. “If Kim is still breastfeeding, she should wait until she stops before embarking on a weight-loss diet, otherwise her baby may miss out on vital nutrients.”

Kim is thought to have turned to Atkins so as to not ruin her milk for North. A spokesperson from the company previously explained her reasoning behind the decision.

“She wanted to be a healthy, nursing mum and not toxify her milk with her diet or lose weight too quickly,” a rep for Atkins told Us Magazine.

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