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Kirsten Dunst changes signature scent

Kirsten Dunst wears different scents depending on what character she's playing.

The American actress thinks that a choice of fragrance is a good indication of what a person is like. Kirsten revealed that smelling a particular way helps her get into a role, so she doesn't have a signature scent herself.

"I've always chosen different scents for different characters I've played," she explained to the British edition of Company magazine. "In All Good Things I wore patchouli-based scents. At the moment it's Bulgari's Mon Jasmin Noir."

The blonde beauty also believes that scents change depending on the person who's wearing them.

Her latest perfume evolves to make her feel sexy.

"I like that it evolves on my skin. At first, it's fresh and girly, then it becomes darker and sexier. That's the thing I like most about fragrance - how it develops on different people," she smiled.

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