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Kirsten Dunst: I’m over tight jeans

Kirsten Dunst prefers dresses to jeans because she is all about comfort.

The 32-year-old actress is fine with wearing whatever is required for her movies, but in her personal life she puts comfort above everything else. That's why she isn't a fan of the on-going skinny pants trend.

"I like a cute, easy dress when I'm not working," she told "I find jeans less comfortable than dresses to be honest - because everyone wears such tight jeans these days! I like putting together a nice outfit, but mostly I like comfort. It depends on my mood."

While many women have deep emotional attachments to their wardrobes, Kirsten doesn't like to hold on to things. She has a few items which have memories, but on the whole she has favourites for a while but then moves on.

"My mom gave me this ring - it was her 16th birthday present, she wanted a bow and then her aunt put a diamond in it for her - and that's something I always wear, but I'm someone who will buy something and wear it non-stop until I'm so sick of it, so I'm not that precious about clothes," she said. "I'm sure that one day when I get married or whatever it'll be different."

The actress has been dating Garrett Hedlund since 2012 but at the moment they have no plans to wed. That doesn't stop Kirsten thinking about her special day though and she already knows when it comes around she'll wear Rodarte.

The star is under no illusions about how lucky she is in life, but insists having her pick of clothes and make-up artists doesn't mean she always feels great. She's had her fair share of fashion fails, but tries not to obsess about them.

"Sometimes you feel prettier than other times," she said. "Sometimes... I love my hair and make-up, I love my dress, my shoes; so I'll feel pretty. But other times, I feel like, 'Urgh - I'm a little too much here,' but it's too late! I can't say, 'Can you fix my base?', 'Can you redo my hair?' It's not going to happen, so sometimes you just feel better than other times."

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