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Kirsten Dunst’s ‘cheap’ beauty

Kirsten Dunst uses “very cheap” beauty products.

The Bring It On actress shared her beauty regime with the latest issue of British magazine InStyle. She might have access to some high-end brands, but insists she keeps it simple.

“I love beauty products but I don’t use a lot of them because I know what I’m like. I have a thing for face products,” she told the publication. “I never use anything on my skin that has an ingredient I can’t pronounce. That’s a trick my facialist taught me. The other is to never wash my face in the morning. All of the skincare products I use are very cheap – I get them from the health-food stores.”

When it comes to make-up, the 31-year-old confessed application isn’t her forte. It means she usually stays within her comfort zone when it comes to colours.

“I wear a BB cream and mascara every day. If I’m going to be fancy, I use a make-up palette made up of aubergine, black, brown and cream eyeshadows,” she explained. “The aubergine looks really pretty with my eyes. I’ll wear red lipstick sometimes because that’s always an easy go-to. Those are the only products I ever use because I’m not very good at doing my own make-up.”

Kirsten also discussed her haircare routine with the magazine. While she loved the reddy/pink colour of her hair during the filming of Spiderman 3, she feels most like herself as a blonde.

“I don’t do much to my hair when I’m not working; I normally just wash it and let it air dry,” she revealed. “I do get it coloured every two months. I’m naturally fair but I prefer being blonder, which is why I get highlights.”

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