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Kirstie Alley 'feeling sexy and confident'

Kirstie Alley is apparently feeling "sexier than ever" now she's lost weight.

The Hollywood actress looks fabulous at the moment after shedding an impressive 20lbs. thanks to the help of nutritionist Jenny Craig. At 64 Kirstie could easily be mistaken for much younger and it's thought she is planning to find romance now she feels more confident in her own skin.

"Kirstie is feeling sexier than ever now she's lost weight and has vowed not to yo-yo again. She's been following the Jenny Craig calorie-and-portion-controlled meal plan since last April, which includes chicken salads, egg-white omelettes and beef with lentils," an insider told British magazine Closer.

"She's also been exercising with a personal trainer three times a week, while doing dance workouts and cycling. She decided to make the change before she wants a new man in her life."

To keep the weight off for good this time it's thought Kirstie has been working with a psychologist to help change her outlook on food. The biggest the actress has been is a UK size 18, and after shedding around 100lbs. following her stint on 2011's Dancing With The Stars she's said to be more determined than ever to keep trim.

"Kirstie's finally cracked her food addiction and has vowed to never slip up again," the source added.

She recently admitted to People magazine that getting back into work again also helped encourage her to lose weight.

"I had just made the decision to start acting again, and I thought, 'What do you want to look like as an actress?' Plus, I strive for ease - and when I have weight on me, things aren't easy," she noted of her following Jenny Craig's diet.

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