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Knits get cosy

Look relaxed and cosy this winter with the cuddliest homespun knitwear.

The loose weave and patterned knits that look a little bit like your grandma made them are the latest trend this season.

Big, baggy jumpers with uneven stitching and irregular designs were seen all over the runway.

Vanessa Bruno presented a stripy brown style in varying tones. She kept the weave loose and paired the garment over flowing skirts, chunky socks and heavy boots. Her examples also had some added detail on the shoulders with a final boost of faux fur.

To get the look pair a wide jumper over a peasant skirt or dress. Ensure the other garments are plain so your knitwear can shine. Alternatively keep the look simple and throw the knit on top of a pair of fitted jeans.

Complete the outfit with thick, white socks with button detailing. Wear with brown leather knee-high boots.

Throw on a light fluffy scarf and beanie hat if you are venturing outside. Keep make-up warm and soft with caramel hues around the eyes and blushing pink on the lip.

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