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Kristen Stewart: I'm not vain

Kristen Stewart insists she doesn't have a "personal or very developed relationship" with her mirror.

The actress stars as Snow White in the big screen remake of the popular fantasy story - Snow White and the Huntsman. Kristen's character is famed for being the epitome of beauty, although she has never caught sight of her own reflection.

Kristen insists she isn't very vain herself.

"It was interesting to play someone who had literally never looked in a mirror," she told a UK TV show.

"You know, I don't have like a personal or very developed relationship with my mirror but I do feel good when I look in it. I feel OK."

The film's costume designer Colleen Atwood recently spoke of Kristen's priorities when it came to deciding on costumes.

"Charlize [Theron] has certainly been a model, but she's also a great character actress on the inside, so her priorities were really character over beauty, and Kristen's [were] as well. Kristen is a beautiful young woman, but she isn't vain in the way that she's looking at the mirror going, 'Oh, do I look fat in this?' With neither one of them, that was not where they were going with it. They were very into their character," she said.

Charlize stars as evil Queen Ravenna in the fantasy film.

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