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Kristen Stewart’s messy braid explained

Kristen Stewart's hair stylist has shared his step-by-step guide to recreating her messy laidback look from the Kid's Choice Awards.

Adir Abergel was responsible for the hairdo the actress showed off at the event last weekend.

The style, a French braid that morphs into a fishtail, is softly tousled, giving it a casually elegant feel.

Adir posted a how-to video on his Twitter page that showed the process involved.

"I've got a lot of requests to recreate Kristen Stewart's look from the Kid's Choice Awards where I created a French braid that went into a fishtail braid," he explained.

"You want it to look messy and kind of un-done. It's a really, really easy style to recreate. Start with wave activating spray to enhance the hair's natural texture. Messy and un-done is my signature style so after washing, let hair air dry a bit. Don't use a blow dryer or anything.

"Next thing is to grab a little bit of glossing cream, then rub it through the ends. Don't be scared to mess up the texture. Then very loosely take the hair and start French braiding it. Start at the crown and keep the height. Take each section and braid it loosely like so. Once you're a little way down the way with the braid you want to start doing the fishtail braid.

"Take the end of each section and weave it in. Pull it over and follow it all the way to the end. Make sure the fish tail isn't really perfect. Messy looks cool and hip and young.

"Just continue by taking sections off the end and following through. This is such an easy style to do on your own or with one of your girlfriend's to help you. If you need more help look for a tutorial online."

Adir shared how Kristen made sure the style was reflective of her personality before she walked the red carpet. The Hollywood hairdresser finished by spilling some tips to make sure the look stays put.

"Here's a secret. Once you get to the end of the braid take a clear elastic rubber band and twist it around the ends. Then get to the front and take a hairspray and spray the hair back off the face. Again having a loose, sexy and un-done," he finished.

"Kristen being Kristen had to 'Krist-ify' the hairdo by taking a few strands and pulling them out from around her face to make it very much her own!"

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