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Kristen Stewart's sneaker needs

Kristen Stewart's stylist understands her because they are both "T-shirt-and-jeans girls".

Tara Swennen started off by assisting Rachel Zoe and can now count Twilight star Kristen, Kaley Cuoco and Julie Bowen among her clients.

When 24-year-old Kristen first came on the scene, she was known for ditching the Louboutins in favour of sports shoes on the red carpet. She's glammed her style up now, but Tara says her casual attire served a purpose.

"Originally, the appearance of Kristen’s sneakers on carpets came from a place of necessity. She was constantly getting hurt on set, as she loves to do her own stunts, but she truly is an everyday T-shirt-and-jeans girl like myself," the stylist explained to

"So we embraced it and it became part of her look."

Tara's client list is constantly expanding and she's also responsible for looks seen on Mila Kunis, Kate Beckinsale and Heather Graham.

Rather than sticking with a formula, Tara lets each individual influence their look. She sees herself as someone who assists with the celebrities' style, rather than dictates it.

"I love to discover each and every one of my client’s specific tastes and let them speak for themselves. Fashion should be unique and individualistic, so I try and let each client’s personality shine through in their clothes," she reasoned.

Kristen might continue to keep things casual off the red carpet, but she's perfected her occasion look now. She recently wore a gorgeous glittering Chanel jumpsuit at Cannes Film Festival.

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