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Kristen Wiig: I'm a jeans and tee kinda girl

Kristen Wiig thinks comfort is the most important thing in fashion.

The comedy actress is a regular on the red carpet after hitting the big time with roles in movies like Bridesmaids. Although for many the allure of fame is having an army of stylists and make-up artists at your disposal, that's not of interest to the star.

"Oh gosh, I don't get dressed up that often. It's fun to get dressed up for a fancy occasion, but when it's just me, I'm more of a jeans, boots, T-shirt kind of girl - I like to be comfortable," she told British magazine Hello!

That outlook fits with the star's low-key life, as in her spare time her favourite things to do are work on her art and ride horses.

It seems not everyone around Kristen is as enamoured with her relaxed look though. She's previously admitted being on the receiving end of harsh comments from her friends who sometimes question her sartorial choices.

"You see pictures of yourself in magazines where you didn't know anyone was there..." she previously mused to Total Film magazine. “I’m the kind of person that will just put on clothes and leave the house, and I have had friends telling me, 'You can't go out like that!' And I guess I can't."

The star may pretend she isn't that in to fashion, but she does know a thing or two about designers. In the past she's spoken about her favorites, listing a who's who of big name fashion houses among her top picks.

"I love Alexander Wang, The Row, Opening Ceremony and Victoria Beckham - her dresses are amazing!” she gushed to British magazine Look. "I really don't think about my style. As I get older, comfort is more important. I so badly want to be that girl who shops with her girlfriends and wears heels, but I can't do it. After one block I'd have to go and buy some flats..."

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