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Kristen Wiig loves 'insane' dresses

Kristen Wiig says Rick Owens is one of her favourite designers for his "insane" dresses.

The actress is known for showing off her comic talents in movies such as Bridesmaids and for looking great at red carpet events.

Kristen revealed her favourite designers for high-profile appearances during an interview for Harper's Bazaar.

"Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Céline, Alexander McQueen. Oh, Rick Owens! Those Rick Owens dresses are insane. Victoria Beckham! But could you say at the end of this article that I was topless the entire time?" she joked. "[When I first started doing press people would say] Oh, you're a normal person! You're not wearing turtlenecks and sweatshirts with Christmas trees on them. But I do… in the winter."

Kristen is still getting used to people staring at her in the street. She finds one of the greatest challenges of fame is not being able to wear what she wants in public.

"When people first started recognising me, they always gave me a second look because they didn't really know what I looked like. For a long time it was my job to be an unattractive older woman or a creepy-looking child," she jokingly explained. "Now, thanks to the paparazzi, going to the deli to buy Scotch tape in pyjamas is not an option."

Kristen's off duty style is laidback yet feminine. She likes to wear simple and elegant items, and shared her love for shoes that make her feet look tiny.

"[Today I'm wearing] a black minidress, a matching jacket, and flat Repetto boots that make my feet look freakishly small," she giggled.

"Sometimes I tan a little, but I'm not like tan."

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