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Kristin Scott Thomas 'painted orange' for film

Kristin Scott Thomas has shared how she was transformed into a blonde perma-tanned devil for her new movie.

The British actress premiered her new thriller Only God Forgives at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

In the movie, Kristin plays the evil perma-tanned Crystal, an American drug ring queen with the wardrobe of a lady of leisure.

The star joked that the crew had to improvise while shooting due to a fake tan shortage.

"I had orange paint all over me because they don’t do spray tans in Bangkok. Somebody could make a fortune off of all these European women who go out to Bangkok and want a tan to go on the beach," Kristin told W magazine. "So I had three guys with sponges every day putting this stuff on. I think housekeeping in the hotel hated me because all my sheets were orange. And the nails were impossible - you can’t do anything. One day I had to get my son [who was 12 at the time] to remove my contact lens. He was leaping around the room going, ‘It’s gross, it’s gross, I can’t do it!’"

The extreme lengths Kristin went to in order to play the character included having Botox done. She says it was easier to think like an evil person when she looked like one.

"Well you don’t get into it, you put it on. And part of the draw of such a radical physical change in my appearance was to do with that: having a different skin makes it easier to say and do really horrible things," she explained. "I had so many chicken fillets in there! I had the blonde wig, the fake bosom; I even had Botox in my forehead so I would get that kind of look."

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