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Kruger's close bond with Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld usually invites Diane Kruger for a glass of wine when they bump into each other on the street.

The 37-year-old star lives next door to the Chanel creative director in Paris and they are good friends. She spends a lot of time with him when she is in the French capital and couldn't think of a better person to while away the nights with.

"Yes. I run into him a lot, especially as he prefers to work at night," she told Stylist magazine. "I'll come home late and he's often in the street shooting. Then he'll invite me up for dinner or a glass of wine and a chat. It's lovely to have him right next door."

Karl is famed for having a highly-pampered cat called Choupette. The fluffy white creature has her own maid and gets meals cooked specially for her, with Diane's pet not so spoilt.

"No. I think his cat goes with him. We do share a passion for cats though," she explained. "I also have a cat - not quite as well-groomed and pretty as his, I might add - so we exchange cat pictures, which I guess is a bit sad but also really great."

Diane has a slim figure, but don't make the mistake of thinking it comes easily. The star works hard to stay in shape and had to make an extra effort after the festive period. She and her long-term partner Joshua Jackson didn't think about their weight, which they soon came to regret.

"Right now I'm obsessed with Pilates. I got into it after Christmas as we'd spent a month in Paris and got so fat from over-indulgence," she laughed. "Joshua and I came home and were like, we have to do something about it. So I started Pilates and Joshua started boxing... I have this amazing woman teaching me. She's about 48 and her body is so insane. I told her I'd fire her unless she got me into the same shape."

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