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Krysten Ritter talks importance of Jessica Jones wardrobe

Actress Krysten Ritter was determined to create a unique look for her superhero character Jessica Jones so it can be a future Halloween costume.

Krysten Ritter relies heavily on her wardrobe when shooting Jessica Jones, which is why she needed complete input with it.

The actress stars as the title character in Marvel's new Netflix series about former superhero Jessica, who has opened a detective agency after a tragic end to her heroic stint. Rather than donning skin-tight costumes, the leading lady is mostly seen in casual ensembles such as dark baggy jeans and leather jackets. This was key to help Krysten understand her crime-fighting alter ego.

"I had input on the wardrobe 100 per cent because I rely really heavily on wardrobe, and that’s part of my character building - how it makes me feel, how it informs the physicality," she explained to Time. "So I’m very hands-on always with wardrobe. I really wanted Jessica Jones to have an iconic look that was instantly identifiable. Like, I told the costume designer early on that I wanted her to be a Halloween costume.

"I think we nailed that. I love the way she dresses, how simple it is. I didn’t want to show my figure or wear anything too eye-catching. I thought it was important to be practical. It’s hard to fight in high heels or even jeans that are too tight."

It wasn't just the clothing which Krysten poured her energy into; a physical transformation was also required. The porcelain-skinned beauty is known for her slender figure and began training immediately upon learning she'd scored the role, ditching her usual yoga and spinning routines.

"This is the kind of hardcore circuit training and boxing that 15 minutes in you want to throw up," she added. "I started doing all these things like pushups that I’d never done before. You have to get yourself into a physical condition so you can do all these stunts, and it also informed a physicality and because Jessica Jones is inherently strong in her person, not just physically. Having a sense of strength for myself helps me find her body."

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